We exist to DEFEND our country and SAFELY EDUCATE and ARM it's citizens and those who SERVE and PROTECT.

Serving With Pride

Our number one goal at Recoil Firearms is to serve you: The Firearm Enthusiast, The Collector, The Recreational Shooter, The Home Defender, The City, State or Country Protector. We are here to help first time shooters learn how to safely and accurately use a firearm and give them the comfort and security they need to do it right. With our knowledge of guns, our military background, and our passion for people to learn the sport of shooting as well as be able to protect themselves when necessary, we are here for every level of current or future gun owner and shooter.

Marine Corps Sergeant Paul "Butch" Alberts knows what it means to serve. From serving his country in the jungles of Vietnam to serving his community delivering food to those in need: Butch is a true servant to those in need. After successfully building a delivery company in Michigan, Butch has decided to take his love of firearms and joy in helping others to start Recoil. Be sure to say hi to Butch in the store. If you think you see Walter White at the shop, that's Butch! He doesn't mind pictures if you ask him nicely.


Aaron Alberts also knows a thing or two about service. He grew up in the logistics industry and has a knack for all things process driven. Aaron loves to help others wherever he can and also loves to teach safe, responsible gun handling. He grew up loving guns and ever since he could has been a concealed carry citizen and advocate for our 2nd Amendment.